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Link Shortener for professionals

Manage and analyze your links and QR codes on the powerful cloud platform

Perfect for social media

XSSL is the perfect solution for successful marketing on social media platforms. Our cross-tips domain .tips is perfect for your marketing, e.g. on YouTube and other platforms.

Powerful analyses

Powerful analysis tools are a prerequisite for evaluating the success of your own marketing campaigns. XSSL offers the appropriate tools for a perfect analysis.

Dynamic QR-Codes

Create dynamic QR codes in different colors and formats for your short links directly on the online platform

Links are safe

We check every link and detect websites hosting social engineering like phishing or malware. Data on more than a million unsafe websites is available, and by examining billions of links daily, the database always stays up-to-date!

Is 100% GDPR (DSGVO) compliant

Many other providers are not! Don't take a risk, use a solution that complies with all legal requirements.

Provides the highest security

Our servers are located in different data centers at different locations in the EU and thus offer an availability of up to 99.9%. Safety is also very important for many other areas! For example, you can additionally secure your access to your online portal via two-factor authentication (2FA).