Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

What makes XSSL different from other providers?

We put a lot of emphasis on security and reliability. Short links are an important tool for successful marketing, but also offer potential to disguise unsafe destination addresses.
XSSL checks all destination addresses, providing the safest short links.

Why do you need a link shortener?

  • URL or link shorteners generate an alias address for the actual URL that redirects to the long target address. Long URLs are neither convenient to type into the browser's address bar nor easy to share on social media platforms, nor is it easy to remember long URLs.
  • The advantage of short URLs is that they save valuable characters, e.g. for social media posts.
  • Special characters do not appear in the short URL and the link becomes easy to read.
  • Short links are permanently valid and can be adapted to changing destinations.
  • Short URLs have no negative impact on search engine ranking (SEO).

What advantages does XSSL offer for our marketing?

  • XSSL offers many metrics to measure success, e.g. of marketing campaigns
  • Keywords in the XSSL Link can be used to describe the content of the link.
  • XSSL-Links can provide a stronger click incentive in the context of marketing and branding campaigns, which in turn ensures increased traffic on the target page.
  • XSSL offers very high security and availability through redundant server connections with own servers in different data centers.

Will a XSSL short link ever expire?

All created short links are permanently active and do not expire. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If a link is affected by one of these exceptions, a warning is displayed instead of the redirect.


  • The web resource the link refers to is unsafe.
  • When calling the destination address, error messages occur over a longer period of time.
  • The link was deactivated (deleted) by you
  • A link has been created on the XSSL home page and has not yet been assigned to an account. In this case, the redirection works only for a limited period of time or a limited number of clicks. The link is automatically activated permanently after login to the Control Center.

Are there browser extensions for XSSL?

Extensions are available for all top web browsers. The creation of short links is now even easier and can be done on every page and for every link displayed with a single click.

Google ChromeGoogle Chrome Extension

Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge Extension

FirefoxFirefox Extension

OperaOpera Extension